Wendy was recommended to me for hypnobirthing so I got in touch when I was in my second trimester. I explained that whilst I wanted all the support I could get to improve my chances of a natural birth, it might be difficult to engage my husband as he isn’t as open as me! Wendy was very understanding and was very willing and able to work with us in a way that was helpful and meaningful to both of us.

Wendy is such a lovely person and we found her to be calm, gentle, incredibly accommodating and experienced. She is very passionate about supporting couples to enjoy the birthing experience with the hypnobirthing method and is a very dedicated teacher. It was a real joy to spend those hours with her preparing for the arrival of our first child.

I found working with Wendy leading up to the birth of our daughter very powerful. It helped me to recognise and let go of a lot of fears and to accept the unknown whilst also maintaining a sense of control. We learned a lot in the sessions and it helped us to feel excited about the birth as well as address our concerns.

Hypnobirthing offers a whole host of tools for birthing and I found doing the relaxation CDs daily a tremendous help for my mind-set and for my energy. The birth itself went as well as I could have hoped and the preparation I had done and the tools and techniques I had learned with Wendy allowed me to birth naturally, feeling calm and in control throughout.

Kate- Sylvie Mabel was born on 6.10.15

I came to HypnoBirthing during my second pregnancy. When my first child was born, I felt prepared; I had done my ‘homework’, attended my antenatal classes and was ready for a positive experience. Unfortunately my labour and birth were a nightmare which ultimately ended in a ventouse delivery and a hugely disappointed mum. Not the ideal start to life I had envisioned for my daughter.

When I became pregnant for the second time, I knew there must be a better way. There was nothing physically or medically wrong with me and I instinctively knew if I could get my mind and body working together, free from fear and the need to control, things would be different.

Hypnobirthing was the key. I dragged my sceptical husband along to the sessions run by Wendy Metcalfe. I was enlightened; here was the birth I knew could be my experience, positive, gentle and drug-free.

When the time came, I really was ready. Armed with nothing more than my ipod and a supportive but nervous husband, I laboured and delivered with complete awareness and felt absolutely empowered. It felt amazing, hard work but extremely positive. The hospital staff were intrigued and couldn’t believe I didn’t even need gas and air!

It was the best possible, gentle, start to life for my baby, Eve and the best start to parenting for me.

I have the utmost respect for Wendy and the HypnoBirthing philosophy. It really is about getting back to the basics. Allowing our bodies to do what they are designed to do, if only we would let them!

Testimonial from a second-time mother

Post Natal Recovery Massage testimonials

The massage was perfect, spiritually healing and relaxing.

All the tension i have been holding since the birth has suddenly released, I feel tired and relaxed but in a good way.

No one usually sees my stretch marks, I was ashamed but I now feel so nurtured and proud of what my body has done. Wendy created a safe space where I could let go and just be.

My partner has noticed the difference, he said I am so much more relaxed.

Hypnobirthing seemed to offer an insight into helping override the presumption that labour should be feared and must be painful. The course was run by a practicing midwife so for both of us this had an important link to reality. My partner wanted to try and aim for a natural birthing experience if at all possible and the course seemed to offer the skills to help achieve this. As K had gestational hypertension in the final weeks, without the Hypnobirthing course and the support of Wendy, I feel that dealing with hospital consultant, registrars and midwives would have made intervention extremely likely.

As it was, after labouring in water with the support of the excellent community midwife team who were fully supportive of our wishes for a natural birth, we now have a home-birthed boy born without any drugs. I can testify that the relaxation and visualisation had a remarkable (reducing) effect on blood pressure and heart rate through labour; this was after four long days of latent labour stages with ceaseless contractions.

The facilities at Cheltenham were excellent and we quickly got into a routine of having a ‘special’ evening when the course ran. Check out Le Petit Blanc early evening menu… Thanks Wendy!

Testimonial from a first-time father

Without HypnoBirthing, we would have been in hospital with medical intervention and, I feel sure, he would have been an assisted delivery.

Testimonial from a first-time mother

I was very fearful of birth and so hypnobirthing always seemed like an obvious route to go down. As soon as the Wise Hippo classes began my mind frame changed and by the end of the course through using the mp3s and the birth affirmations I was not only not fearing my birth, I was actually looking forward to it.
On the day of my induction I was not nervous on the drive to the hospital, and used the breathing techniques when needed (I was more scared of having an iv put in than the birth!). I didn’t particularly use any techniques learnt during labour however I believe due to the change in my subconscious mind through listening to the mp3s and reading out my birth affirmations daily (meaning I was not fearful) I was able to stay calm during the whole thing whilst using just gas and air.
I know that I would not have experienced my birth as so positive had I not gone on this course. Wendy was fantastic and truly made not only myself but my birth partners (husband and mum) more confident in the process of birth and their roles during it.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone due to give birth as when i think back to the day my little boy entered the world i could not be happier with how it all went x



Testimonial from the mother of Felix

We chose Wendy for her extensive midwifery experience. It proved a bonus that through her calm nature and reassurance and gentle encouragement, I would practice daily affirmations. On almost every consultation, I raised my sceptical doubts whether it would really work. From the outset of labour, I can honestly report little pain and had an amazing experience, from both my husbands and my perspectives. My husband said that he could not have imagined a better birthing experience.

The hypnobirthing preparation really had made all the difference. My husband and I are both very happy that we met Wendy and really cannot imagine how the birth could have gone so well without her hypnobirthing preparation. I would really recommend both hypnobirthing and Wendy to anyone expecting a baby, and especially to anyone who is nervous or who has had a challenging birthing experience in the past. We are so glad to have gone down the hypnobirthing route and would recommend it to anyone.

Suzanne and Paul - Cheltenham,

Myself and Alex really enjoyed the HypnoBirthing sessions we did with Wendy. We listened to the relaxation cd every night and i spent time repeating the affirmations to myself. They really helped me relax throughout my pregnancy. When my labour started I was excited (not afraid) and I even ENJOYED my surges and was so proud of how calm I remained-something that doesn’t come naturally or easily to me! Even when things got a little scary (pre eclampsia, forceps) I wasn’t scared. Poppy was born rather awkwardly but entered the world calmly and is the most contented, relaxed and happy baby. I can probably count on one hand how many times she has had a proper cry!! We are totally blessed with our little Poppy. Thanks so much Wendy- I look forward to practising HypnoBirthing again when Poppy is ready for a brother or sister!”

Poppy, Beccy and Alex - Cheltenham, 2015

On Friday I felt different (braxton hicks were pretty strong and my lower back was aching) and my little girl Poppy (19months old) could sense that things were starting to happen.I spoke to Alex and he told me to start playing my wise hippo tracks. Relaxed me straight away and I just felt really happy.  But then nothing really happened until Sunday morning. I got up for a wee and felt my waters trickling. I was excited. Alex went to get Poppy and we all had a cuddle in bed.  Alex’s mum arrived and off we went to the hospital to get checked over. They did my obs which were all perfect off we went back home. My surges started at about 3pm, I had a bath while listening to my tracks and sent some messages back and forth with my lovely Wise Hippo birthing instructor Wendy about how I was feeling and she was advising me about which tracks to listen to. I felt so lucky to have her supporting me.  We arrived back at the birth unit about 9pm. Got a lovely room with low lights and a pool, exactly what I was hoping for. I put my tracks on straight away and just continued breathing through my surges which were getting closer together and increasing in intensity but not consistently.  Midwives were fab and just happy to leave me alone. They were really impressed with how happy and calm I was. By midnight I started getting tired, I took some codeine and fell asleep. When I woke up my surges had dropped off out came the essential oils, Alex massaged my lower back and we had some clary sage in the vaporiser. This did the trick. I was examined at 8am and was 4cm! Finally In active labour!! When I got into the pool I was so happy I nearly cried!! It really looked like I was going to get the birth I was really hoping for! And I did. With the help of the occasional suck on the gas and air I breathed through my surges in the soothing warm water and felt my baby moving down. I did say at one point ‘I can’t do it’ but was told by alex and the midwives ‘you can and you are!!’ I was totally relaxed in between surges and felt amazing. For most of the time I was sat up in the water facing forwards and holding Alex’s hand behind my head.The pushing felt controlled and progressive. After some time I turned around in the water and leant over the side of the pool. I felt every little bit of my beautiful baby moving down and when his head was out I felt him turning around.didn’t have a suck . His body and legs felt amazing as they were born into the water. He was passed under my legs, I turned to face forwards and he was put onto my chest. The most incredible feeling. I was then told that he was back to back. Just like his big sister Poppy. I kept my wise hippo tracks playing as I had a few stitches even had a few jokes while the midwife was doing it. After Poppy’s birth I feel so lucky to have experienced birth in the way I knew existed. Calm, totally in control and a discomfort that was completely manageable. Loved it!! I also felt amazing in the immediate hours and days after the birth. Would love to do it again but our little family is just perfect now.

Testimonial from Beccy, Mum to Poppy and Toby January 2017

After a deeply scarring interventionist hospital birth that ended in an iatrogenic (caused by medical intervention) caesarean section I was understandably terrified of what would happen the second time around now that I was considered ‘high risk’. As it was we found HypnoBirthing. The HypnoBirthing was wonderful and helped enormously in taking away the fear that arose from what had been done to me the first time around. Wendy was kind and supportive and never once made me feel that it was necessary to ‘relive’ what had happened to me, I was simply able to move forward. Eighteen months after my caesarean my second son was born peacefully and painlessly at home, caught by his father on our sitting room floor. The feeling of completeness was huge as was the relief that this birth would not take me several months to recover from. Hypnobirthing gave me the peace of mind and mental strength to overcome my previous experience and although I hypnobirthed my baby peacefully the HypnoBirthing did much of its greatest work before I even went into labour.

Sam Cheltenham